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Hello everybody:

Many of you are coming here for the first time. You have heard of OpenERP and some of you have even installed the allinone and you have grasped its potential immediately. The profile of the people in this situation is diverse. From managers or computer scientists of companies who are interested in OpenERP to make their own implementation, through people with a technical profile of systems in other tools and programmers who come from languages ​​other than Python. It is perfect, but to all of you, I would beg you:

  1. That you do not send emails with technical, installation or functional doubts to the emails of the list of collaborators shown on the contact page. They may not answer you. That’s what forums and public mailing lists are for.
  2. Much less that you call asking for functional or technical questions to the telephones that appear in said list.
  3. That you look and look for documentation in,,, and all existing openerp websites and forums before asking something that has already been answered previously.

That said and without serving as a precedent, I am going to publicly reply to one of the several emails that I receive a week in this regard, basically to serve others who are also in the same situation and to prevent others from continuing to write asking the same questions. things…


As I already mentioned, I am very interested in gaining experience with openerp, but I find myself with many doubts. I have started to test the openerp 5.0 allinone platform, installed on my pc with wxp, with the base modules, manufacturing, purchasing, stock. I have consulted the documentation that I have been finding on the web but it is still costing me a lot. I am very interested in the python development part of the application, reports, etc … I am currently working on … You will wonder why I am telling you all this, simply so that you know my technological profile and be able to ask you for some guidance on How do you think I should face this new project with openerp. I really believe that this platform has a great future.

where should i start?

First of all, comment to my reader that I agree that this platform has a great future. :)

Where to start? Well, first focusing on your goals. As I have said countless times on this blog and on my personal blog, implementing an ERP is not trivial. Installing it correctly, updating it, programming, consulting … each of these areas complements one another, but it is very difficult for a single person to be able to do everything. Therefore, first of all is to decide what you want to do. Based on that answer, you start the steps on the area to which your profile best suits.

  1. OpenERP installer : Someone who knows ONLY how to install OpenERP, can they implement? Well in my opinion not.
  2. OpenERP programmer: First of all, get everything you have learned from other languages ​​out of your head and change the chip completely. Especially if you come from linear and non-object-oriented languages. Topics like mounting triggers or procedures full of inserts and direct updates against databases, forget about them. And even being a python programmer, the very first thing you should do is read all the technical documentation on the website from cover to cover and recommended (although not essential) … that you hire a technical course or one or more question-solving sessions with someone (company or person) who has programmed modules in openerp.
  3. OpenERP Consultant : It is not worth knowing some modules of the tool or having seen it above. You have to know how to apply a methodology, manage projects, analyze and focus solutions, understand the client. How do you start? Well, without a doubt in Take the methodology / consulting course and then take all the basic functional courses. A consultant has a large part of a trainer. If you don’t have patience and you don’t like teaching, don’t be a consultant.

I hope this clears you up a bit, although here each one has to look around a bit and find his or her most suitable path. I don’t have answers for everything.

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