New success story with OpenERP: Blogestudio

Blogestudio (an online marketing and web development studio specialized in WordPress) has been one of the most satisfactory starts with which we have started this year 2012.

They are in a sector very similar to ours since they develop innovative projects on the internet with a high level of quality. They have experience of more than 10 years, they have extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and their objective is to continue learning and applying for advances when developing new projects.

Because of this knowledge of the sector, when they contacted us they knew what they were looking for. They had a global vision of OpenERP and knew that it was adapted to their needs from the first moment.

Objectives of the project:

  • Cover the project management area: sale and billing of computer services, development projects and maintenance.
  • Control of costs and income with the analytical accounting area with a personalized casuistry in the creation of the analytical account tree.
  • Manage accounting with OpenERP.
  • Reports with a personalized design (very cool but complex) made by one of its designers.
  • START UP in less than a month and a half.

At Blogestudio they were very clear about what they wanted, so focusing the solution on the project was easy. Initial analysis of processes has not been carried out because they were open to adapting to what the tool offers in a standard way. We only had to plan the consulting / training in the areas that they required and get down to work with the small adaptation in the analytical accounts … in summary, the project was focused as follows:

  • Sales and purchases: OpenERP standard.
  • Project management: OpenERP standard.
  • Accounting: Covered by the Spanish localization modules.
  • Specific problems of account creation automation: Small custom development
  • Reports with custom design: Jasper reports.
  • Start in less than a month and a half … we have not achieved it but we have done it in 2 months !! :)

Here is an email sent this week by Fernando Serer, blogger manager, who has authorized me to publish it and that I post as-is. By the way … it is very appreciated to receive emails of this type. Not all customers also comment on the good

At the moment we have been working for an hour and everything is perfect !!
We have introduced the first dozen invoices for January with all the necessary steps, creating a client, product, bank account, etc. etc. and everything is perfect! at least apparently :-)
This is already underway !!
Thank you very much for everything,

Many thanks to you. It has been a pleasure.

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