Eurona is the leading alternative social and rural Internet operator. They go where others cannot, offering internet access services through Wimax and it will undoubtedly be one of our most relevant OpenERP implementation success stories of 2011.

As a telecommunications operator, their management is complex and in the growth phase in which they are, the automation of their processes was beginning to be essential to maintain the quality of service that their customers are used to receiving.
Eurona presented us with the following objectives and key points in the management of your company on which we would have to focus on improving processes and updating systems.

  • Unify the information distributed in several systems, eliminate duplication of data and improve its coding.
  • Replace your management systems made “to measure” by a more standard system and with continuity but adapted to your needs.
  • Improve customer service processes, defining and unifying data capture and subsequent processing in both commercial management and after-sales management
  • Keep an individual control by serial numbers of the equipment assigned or installed in customers and distributors / installers.
  • Improve purchasing management and stock control.
  • Periodic billing (monthly, quarterly, yearly) and in installments with a complex casuistry.
  • Management of complex deployment projects.

Initially, the project was presented to us as an enormous challenge greater than others that we had faced. The challenges, far from frightening us, motivate us and seeing the predisposition of Eurona and the team with which they provided the project, we did not doubt for a moment that we would finally bring the plan to fruition, achieving the objectives in the very tight deadlines set for the start-up.

Eurona hired an external project manager, Francisco Rueda from Pimetech, who has been in charge of validating, verifying, proposing, synthesizing, gathering, centering, demanding … all the parties involved, in addition to acting as an interlocutor between all the actors, transferring and centering needs / opinions of each other.
We also have Antonio Bagur Cantallops from Coneptum, who has been in charge of migrating the data from the old systems to OpenERP, without whom we would not have achieved the challenge of having the system ready to start on the scheduled date.
And finally, Avanzosc has provided the consulting and development teams, taking care of the initial analysis of processes and taking requirements, approach to the solution, definition of processes, installation of the system, consulting / training for users and programming of the required modules. .

And we set off.

May 2011: Avanzosc performs the first process analysis and proposes a solution approach with OpenERP. More than 80% of Eurona’s needs can be covered with OpenERP version 6.0 + Spanish localization modules + some extra modules provided by other partners and the community, but we see that it will still be necessary to develop 20% to cover all the requirements.

May 2011: We carried out the project planning and detailed the initial analysis with new contributions from the Eurona area managers.

June 2011: We carry out the installation and start up 3 sub-projects at the same time.

  • Data migration
  • The development of the first custom modules.
  • The first training sessions for end users and those responsible for the different areas.

July 2011:

  • The first data uploads and module deliveries of Beta versions of all modules are carried out.
  • We finished the first block of consulting and user training.

August 2011:

  • Validation of the final data load and the correct functioning of the custom modules are carried out.
  • The second block of user training is carried out, including custom modules and Eurona’s own data.

September 2011: Pre-start

  • Eurona performs the first business cycles with real data in parallel with its current systems.

October 3, 2011: Go-live
The old systems are shut down and all Eurona personnel are working with OpenERP, therefore we can say that the proposed objectives have been met within the agreed period.

I have to say that it has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work on this project and to know first-hand the professionalism of Antonio and Francisco with whom I hope to share the experience again in future projects.
As for Eurona, I am convinced that they will continue to grow, innovate and reach where others cannot thanks to the enormous quality of their human team and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market. Special mention to Eric Talabardon, head of the finance team, and to Jose Carlos Oliveras, CEO of Eurona for the unconditional support they have given us.

At this point we can say that we have created a vertical for telcos that has been built under the requirements of Eurona and that is possibly one of the most powerful free software tools currently on the market focused on the management of a company in the telecommunications sector .

I’ll give you the link to a video that includes a sample of the customizations made in the CRM (Customer Service) and in the sales order, where we have incorporated a product configurator that allows salespeople to enter the complex data and options of a contract by following the wizards displayed on the screen.

Soon we will publish new videos where we will show customizations made in the monthly periodic billing and in the management of appointments with the installers.

Hoping it is of interest to you: