Accounting in OpenERP and Spanish localization

Lately, I have received several private emails asking about Spanish localization issues or questions about the use and application of accounting modules in Spain. First, and without the intention of offending anyone, tell you that I usually do not answer operational questions by personal email. At most in forums because the answer to one is valid for all.

On the other hand, remind you that for questions of this type we have the Spanish location mailing list: [email protected] where you can register and ask. Most, if not all, the accounting experts at OpenERP de España read this list and can assist you.

On the other hand, according to some of the questions received, remind you that you have courses at available to you. Here link to the accounting one in particular:

And finally, as I think is the case, tell you that next week we will teach 2 accounting sessions remotely within the official OpenERP functional course. Here dates and contents of both sessions and links to the registration page.

2012-02- 14 Session 7: Financial Accounting I
(adapted to Spanish taxation with localization modules)
1. Introduction to financial accounting with OpenERP
2. Companies / Products and their accounting information
* Companies and their accounting information
* Products and their accounting information
3. Invoices
* Customer
invoice * Vendor invoice
4. Financial accounting configuration
* Installation modules
* Exercises and periods
* Journals
* Deadlines, types and modes of payment
* Accounting templates
* Accounting plans and accounts
* Taxes
5. Entries and movements
* Entries per line
* Entries per entry
2012-02- 16 Session 8: Financial Accounting II
(adapted to Spanish taxation with localization modules)
5. * Entries per bank statement
* Predefined entries (models)
* Periodic/recurring
entries 6. Account
* Manual reconciliation
* Automatic reconciliation * Break reconciliation
7. Other accounting tasks
* Accounting reports
* Payment / collection orders (remittances)
* Reminders of late payments
* Closing of the fiscal year
* Creation of advances in OpenERP

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